How can I add Custom Tags and Standards/Competencies from Embeded Framework/Rubric on Android

With the new Sibme Android version 3.3, Sibme Users now have the ability to add  Custom Tags and Standards/Competencies from their Android devices.

Only those who have permissions to create Huddles are able to use this feature on their mobiles.  Huddle Creation permissions can be managed by the Account Owner on the Sibme Web Platform.

Adding Custom Tags or Standards to your Comments

  1. Go to the video where Custom Tags need to be added.
  2. Click on the plus sign to bring up the Comments Box.  Click on the Hashtag symbol (#) to bring up the Standards & Tags tab.


  3. Click the plus sign (+) on the upper right of the screen to bring up the Custom Tag box.

  4. Type the Custom Tag that you would like to add or select a Standard from the embeded framework on your account. Once you have added a custom tag or selected a standard- choose OK. You will see your new tag or standar on the screen with a check mark.                                                                                                               

    Adding a Custom Tag  

  5. Click the back arrow on the upper left of the screen to go back to your Comments Box.  You will see your tags below the comment line.


Standards and Competencies will only appear from the Standards & Tags tab if a Framework or Rubric has been embedded to your account.  You can email and send in the Framework or Rubric you would like us to embed.

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