An Assessment Tracker is an ideal tool for programs wanting to manage assessee-submitted performance-related videos. The Assessment Tracker helps the assessor to know which videos were submitted on time by the assessees. The Tracker also helps the assessor to keep track of which videos he/she has or has not viewed/provided feedback. Finally, the Tracker enables the managers of programs to “inspect what they expect” in terms of the number of videos that are being submitted, whether those videos are being submitted on time, and whether or not the assessed participants are receiving on-time feedback.

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Based on the default user settings in the Sibme platform, you should have permission to complete this task if you are one of the user levels listed below. If you do not see the screens in this article, you can ask your administrator if you have permission.

  • Admin
  • Super Admin
  • Account Owner

The Assessment Tracker

The Sibme Assessment Tracker enables instructors, administrators, and other evaluators to track and monitor videos that have been submitted for assessment by assessees in Assessment Huddles.

The Assessment Tracker is only visible to the Account Owner, Supers Admins, Admins, and Users who have been granted permission to create/manage Assessment Huddles.

Admins and Users with Assessment Huddle creation rights can only view Assessment Huddles they have created or are participating in as Assessors.

Depending on the duration set, the video submissions are automatically color-coded on the tracker depending on whether the video was submitted on time or late by participants in the Huddle. Furthermore, the tracker automatically color codes videos that were assessed on time or late by the assessor(s) For example, if the assessor(s) is expected to complete feedback on assessments within 24 hours of submission, and the assessor provides an on-time assessment, the video tab on the tracker will be colored light green. If the assessor is late to assess the video, it will be colored orange.

The Account Owner can set the required feedback duration within their Account Settings.

To view the video and access the assessment summary area and click the video/date on the tracker.

A popup window will appear. If this is the assessor’s first time to view the video, he/she must play the video in order to access the video play area where time-stamped feedback can be provided, and standards and frameworks/rubrics can be tagged. Depending on the features the Account Owner has enabled, when the assessor has finished providing feedback and tagging relevant standards, he/she can determine a performance level for each of the standards that were tagged.

Upon completion, an average overall performance level for the performance-based assessment will be indicated. Finally, the assessor can write a summary of the video session. After saving the work completed in this area and upon returning to the video/date on the tracker, the assessor has the ability to review this information.

In addition, the Account Owner and Super Admin within the account, by default, are given the permission to view the Assessment Tracker of anyone in the account. With this permission, they will able to see the Video Session Details, which includes the summary, the number of comments/resources, and the data associated with the session. However, without being invited into the huddle, they will not be able to actually play the video to see specific comments.

Managing programs that are using video-related performance assessments can be challenging--unless you have a tool like the Assessment Tracker.

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