Similar to the Sibme web version you also have the option of adding time-stamp comments while using the iOS app. On the Sibme iOS app you have the option to add both text and/or audio notes or comments. Each audio comment cannot be longer than 5 minutes. You can also edit the comment to create a time-range comment indicating the start time and end time associated with your comment. While watching the video you can add a comment or note by either tapping the video player or the plus sign below the video player.

A tooltip will appear on the video timeline, which will allow you to post your comment. You can do this prior to upload on videos that are saved on your device within Sibme in Offline "Videos" or you can do it after the video has been uploaded to your Sibme cloud Workspace or to a Huddle you are participating in. You also have the option to reply to Huddle participant comments within Huddles.

To create a time-range comment on the mobile version of Sibme

  1. Create a time-stamped comment at the beginning of the range where you wish to create a time-range comment.

  2. Tap the three dots next to the comment once it appears in the comment feed below the video.

  3. Select "Edit Time"

4. Select the starting time by tapping next to "From" and selecting the appropriate time. Select the ending time by tapping next to "To" and selecting the appropriate time. Once you've selected the range where you wish to tag the comment, save your changes by clicking the word "Save" on iOS devices and the check mark on Android Devices. 

Android Devices

iOS Devices

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