You have access to the Huddles you are participating in when you use the Sibme iOS app. All your Huddles and their videos are stored in the Sibme cloud, which you can access from any device or your laptop/desktop, when connected to the internet.

Huddle View

When you tap on Huddles at the top of the screen in the Sibme app, you'll see a list of all your Huddles. To access a Huddle, tap on the name of that Huddle.

Huddle View

You can upload videos from your Android camera roll, or the space marked "Videos."

You can also share videos from one Huddle to another if you have "Admin" rights within a Collaboration Huddle or as a "Member" if you uploaded the video to the Huddle.

In a Coaching Huddle, a "Coach" or "Coachee" also has the option to copy any videos from their Coaching Huddle to other Huddles they are participating in. Finally, you can also delete a video from a Huddle in which you have permission to change/modify the content.

You can also duplicate, rename, download or delete the video.

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