You can improve the load time for your analytics data by saving filters. Creating saved filters lets you quickly access data for a specific set of child accounts and or date ranges. Data will automatically populate using a default filter to reduce load time. 

Saving Date Ranges as Filters

If you wish to quickly be able to search a specific date range, you can save the filter for later use. To accomplish this, select the date range you wish to see analytics for and then click the blue "Save Filter" button.

Clicking on "Save Filter" will open a popup where you are asked to name your saved filter range. Name the Saved Filter a unique name and click save to be able to quickly access that date range in the future.

When you return to analytics, your data will automatically populate using the default filter (12 months from the date you are logged in). However, to change the filter to a pre-selected date range, simply click the word "Change" in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This will open a list of your Saved Filters. Select the filter you wish to run analytics for and select "Load"

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