The Sibme Canvas SSO app will allow users to access Sibme from within a Canvas course without having to remember Sibme login information. Using your existing Canvas login, Sibme will authenticate users with one click and take you to the Sibme web and mobile apps directly from your Canvas course.

To set up the app in your Canvas account:

Click on Settings and go to Apps, then click on View App Configurations

Click the Blue +App button

The first drop-down box in the popup window asks you to select a Configuration Type.

Select Paste XML

Enter the following information into remaining fields:

Name: sibme-app

Consumer Key: sibme-app

Shared Secret: rkHT0FNjgr7itxRaKc0oELW8LjrXGWIy

XML Configuration: Click here to download the XML File, then select all, copy and paste

Click Submit

After you’ve completed the app installation, it will appear in your External Apps list. To configure where the Sibme SSO App will be available in your Course, click the Gear next to the Sibme App in the list and select “Placements

From here you can check or uncheck the various parts of the Canvas Course where you want the Sibme SSO App to appear.

Account Navigation – At this level, anyone who has admin privileges to a Canvas sub account will be able to see the app on the sub account navigation menu on the left hand side.

Course Navigation – At this level, anyone who has access to a course (Teachers, Students, Designers, Etc.) will be able to see the app on the course navigation menu on the left hand side.

User Navigation – At this level, the APP will be In the drop-down menu of a user' account (when a user click on the global navigation item for their account, it would be listed in that menu).

Assignment and Link Selection – At this level, the App will be displayed in quiz questions or assignments that are open ended and have a rich content editor. Users can click on the App button in the tool bar and select the app. An example for this can be Google Apps. They use this to allow users to access Google drive files to easy drop them into the entry box to submit in the quiz or assignment.


  1. The easiest way to add an app on a course-by-course basis would be to provide an admin with the information to manually add the app to a course.

  2. The other way to easily add an app on a course-by-course basis is by having the app available in the app in the external app library, which it looks like Sibme is already listed there.

  3. Admins are the only ones that can apps at the account level (add an app to multiple course at one time), teachers would only be able to add an app to their own course.

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