This article is intended to assist with adding participants to an assessment huddle from a mobile device either during the creation of the assessment huddle or in editing following the creation. It is also intended to assist with understanding the information displayed on the Participants' screen in the Assessment Huddle.

Who is this article for?

Based on the default user settings in the Sibme platform, you should have permission to complete this task if you are one of the user levels listed below. If you do not see the screens in this article, you can ask your administrator if you have permission.

  • Admin

  • Super Admin

  • Account Owner

Steps to accomplish the task:

1.  Creating an assessment huddle and adding participants from a mobile device is a flexible way to work efficiently. While there are other articles on how to create an assessment huddle from a mobile device, this article will only provide details about adding participants, editing participants, and understanding the Assessment Participant’s screen.

2.  After the huddle has been created, the creator will have the option to invite participants to the huddle.  You will be taken to the Invite to Huddle screen where you will see a list of folks participating in your account.  You can scroll through that list OR you can use the search bar to locate those you want to add.

3.  To select the participants, tap on their name.  You will see a checkmark appear beside their name and their name (and avatar) will populate at the top of the screen.  Select as many participants as you wish to participate in this huddle.  By default, they will be added as an assessee in this huddle.  However, if you wish to change them to assessors, you can change their role by visiting the web app and editing their user role.  

4.  After selecting the participants, you will be taken to the Assessment Huddle Detail Screen. After the fields are completed on this screen and published, the creator will see the published information.  It is not possible to unpublish an Assessment Huddle after it has been published.

5.  Should you decide that you wish to invite additional participants after creating the huddle, open the huddle and click the More buttons (…) at the top right corner of the screen.  You will be given options to Edit Participants.  When you select “Edit Participants,” you have the option of tapping on the participant(s) you wish to add.  Before leaving this screen, you will choose the Update tab in the top right corner of the screen

Assessment Participants

6.  After the Huddle is published, the creator of the Huddle will see the published information. When the creator or assessor taps on Participants, they will be taken to the Participants’ screen. This screen will have all of the basic data about the participants and their activity within the huddle.

7.  The Participant information can be ordered and viewed in many different ways by selecting Sort.

8.  The More icon next to each participant opens the option to delete that participant.  

9.  If there are no participants in the huddle, tapping on Participants will do nothing.

Having the ability to create an assessment huddle and invite participants from a mobile device offers “on-the-go” convenience.  Remember that you can also create an assessment huddle from the web app as well!

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