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How Do I Edit Videos | Sibme Help Center
How Do I Edit Videos | Sibme Help Center
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In your Workspace and in Huddles where you have admin rights or for videos that you have personally uploaded to the Huddle as a member, you are able to edit/clip video of any length from your existing videos. In order to share the trimmed videos securely, you need to copy them to Huddles you are participating in. The video editor is only compatible with the following browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, IE 9-11 and Microsoft Edge.

Choose a video from your private Workspace or Huddle to edit.

Click on the three dots icon and select Crop.

Same with your Mobile device, click on the three dots icon next to your video and hit 'Crop'.

This brings you to a video editor screen. You can slide the scrollers to your desired start point and endpoint. Make sure to preview the reduced clip to see if you have captured all the frames that you need.

When you are satisfied with your edit, click Crop and you will automatically be brought back to your private workspace and a message indicating that the cropped video is being processed will appear.

You will receive an email message once the video is ready for viewing.

This is how a trimmed/ edited video is named.

Once a video has been trimmed and saved to your private workspace or Huddle you are participating in as an "Admin" or "Member," you can now copy and securely share it to a Huddle of your choice or to the Account Video Library (if you have permission).

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