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Recording Accessories for Video & Audio | Sibme Help Center
Recording Accessories for Video & Audio | Sibme Help Center
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At Sibme, we pride ourselves on being a “low-tech” solution. With our fully-integrated web and mobile application, you can capture video easily and share video and feedback with your team from any computer, tablet, or mobile device. However, if you’d like to augment the video or audio quality captured by your device, you can purchase some of these optional accessories.

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Improve Audio Quality with one of these microphones

Most aftermarket microphones that work with iOS and Android devices will improve the recording quality of your Sibme videos. The accessories listed below are tested to work well with mobile devices and the Sibme mobile app. Additionally, we tried to identify cost-efficient accessories that will improve your audio quality while not breaking the bank!

iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch)

Zoom iQ7

The Zoom iQ7 Microphone for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touchis an excellent low cost option for professional quality sound. This compact, yet full-featured mid-side stereo condenser mic, is perfect for capturing outstanding audio with your video.

Android Devices (and iOS Devices with a headphone jack)

1. Rode VideoMic Me

The VideoMic Me from Rode.  This directional microphone manufactured by Rode is designed specifically for smartphones and tablets. The VideoMic Me plugs directly into the headphone jack on your Android, iPhone, or iPad device and is held in place with a very simple adjustable clip so that it works with nearly any device.

2. Nolan LiveMic2 Bluetooth Microphone

The Nolan LiveMic2 is a bluetooth microphone that you can sync with iOS and most Android devices. This microphone can be clipped to a lapel to capture the audio near the person wearing it, which is great for augmenting a teacher’s voice if they move around a large room during instruction. Alternatively, the microphone could be set in a part of the room that you want to capture, such as a small group of students. To set up the Nolan LiveMic2, you will need to access your device settings, enable bluetooth on your device, and pair the Nolan LiveMic2 with your Rode VideoMic Me device.

Improve video quality with a super wide-angle lens

 Universal Professional HD camera lens by Techo

To a achieve a more panoramic view of your classroom, you might try the Universal Professional HD camera lens by Techo. Simply clip this lens over your device’s camera lens to expand the area captured.

Capture video on your mobile device or tablet more easily with a tripod

1. Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod

A mini tripod is a great device to make capturing video from your mobile device easy. Rather than setting up a large tripod in the corner of the room. The  Pixi Mini Tripod is small enough to set on a desk, bookshelf, or other flat surface to capture video quickly. The mini tripod is designed to hold smaller devices, but can be augmented with an iPad or Tablet mount to hold larger devices (see mount below).

2. Vastar Universal iPad and Tablet Tripod Mount

If you’re using a tablet device, the  Vastar Universal iPad and Tablet Tripod Mount is an inexpensive option to mount on a large or mini tripod.

If you would like help procuring a large quantity of these devices, you can contact [email protected] for bulk orders of our recording-kit, which includes a combination of the devices listed above.

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