Can You Meet Sibme System Requirements?

iOS mobile device

Android (Beta)

Computer (with camera)

Phone/iPad/iPod Touch 11.0 or later

- iOS Recommended Hardware: iPhone 5 and above, iPad 3 and above, iPod touch 5 or above

Requires 8.0 and up

- Android Recommended Hardware: Mid to high-end Android device such as a 2016+: Samsung, HTC, OnePlus

Google Chrome*, Edge*, Firefox*, latest two versions of Safari *Most updated versions

Browser Settings:

• JavaScript must be enabled • Cookies must be enabled • Popup windows must be Unblocked for all Sibme websites

On the WEB: (login website) | User Name: Your school email | Temporary Password: sibme1

On your mobile device: Download the free app: Androids – Google Play; iOS – App Store

Life Savers for Sibme Users…

  • Cannot download the app or record on your mobile device? When you have less than 200 MB of storage on your device, you will not be able to record in the Sibme app on that device.

  • Ready to record in the app on your mobile device or tablet with cellular service? Put the device in airplane mode to keep calls from interrupting the recording

  • Ready to do Synced Notes? Put mobile device in airplane mode and enable Wi-Fi

  • On the web & waiting for Sibme to respond? Refresh

  • On a mobile device & waiting? Swipe down

  • Having trouble with the app on your mobile device? Meet Sibme system requirements--iOS mobile devices = 9.0 or later; Android 5.0 and up

  • Having trouble on the web? Make sure browser is up-to-date; clear browser cache; try a different browser (Chrome); log out and log back in

  • On an iOS device? For faster uploads, don’t take/make phone calls or access other apps. Remain in the Sibme app and turn-off auto-lock until the video uploads

  • Forget how to do something?

- (FAQs/Videos/Articles on the web)

- [email protected] (Email Support Center)

Need to talk to tech support? 888-601-6786 (Sunday-Friday 8AM-10PM CST)

Click here to download and view the Sibme Lifesavers

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