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Sibme System Requirements | Sibme Help Center
Sibme System Requirements | Sibme Help Center
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Technical Requirements

Customer Technical Requirements: Sibme is a browser-based software that requires the following hardware and software capabilities to be supplied by the Customer and/or any end-user:

Mobile Hardware and OS Requirements


  • Requires 12.0 or later

  • iOs Recommended Hardware: iPhone 5 and above, iPad 3 and above, iPod touch 5 or above


  • Requires 8.0 and above

  • Android Recommended Hardware: Mid to high-end Android device such as a 2016+: Samsung, HTC, OnePlus

Browser Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Latest Edge, on a PC

  • Safari Latest 2 versions Macintosh

  • Latest FireFox on a PC or Macintosh

  • Latest Google Chrome on a PC or Macintosh

Browser Settings

  • JavaScript  must be enabled

  • Cookies  must be enabled

  • Popup windows must be unblocked for all Sibme websites

  • Mobile browsers are not currently supported

Internet Connectivity

Internet Connection Speed

The minimum recommended internet connection upload and download speed is 5 MB per second

White List Information

Sibme’s email IP address:

If you still experience issues with access to Sibme, add these IP addresses of some domains to your White List:

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