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Data limits on Sibme account | Sibme Help Center
Data limits on Sibme account | Sibme Help Center
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Depending on your account’s Sibme plan, there are data limits. For example, each user in the Sibme Coaching/PLC pricing plan is allocated 25 GB. In the School plan, each user is allocated 50 GB per user of video and resource storage. However, each Sibme account’s storage is metered collectively, which means that if some users in the account go over their individual allotment they will not be locked out of their account or forced to pay for more storage.

The Account Owner can upgrade or downgrade their Sibme plan depending on how often users upload files in the account and how large your department, school, district, organization, institution, or business is.

The Account Owner can access their Account Settings page to determine how much storage space has been used and how much is left. If you need more than 100 users and more than the default storage allocated to your account, please contact [email protected] for a custom plan.

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