The length of time it takes to upload a video to Sibme can vary, and it mostly depends on the strength of your internet connection, size of your video file, equipment you use, and time of day you are uploading.

Make sure to run an internet speed test to check your internet connectivity. If your upload seems slow, it could be that you are having internet connectivity problems or that your connection is weak.

If you want to avoid recording large video files from most recording devices and skip the longer wait time when uploading videos to Sibme, you should record inside the Sibme iOS and Android apps on your phone or tablet, since they are optimized to reduce the size of your recorded video files and time it takes to upload to the Sibme cloud.

In order to reduce the time it takes to upload a large file that is recorded outside the Sibme iOS and Android apps, even though Sibme will accept a file as large as 20 GBs, we suggest compressing your video using an open source compression tool such as handbrake. You can save a lot of time by compressing your file first, which reduces the file size about 80-90% of its original size, without losing too much quality.

Here is a great post from Engage Media to help you get started with handbrake.

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