What is the difference between synced observations and synced notes?

Synced Notes and Scripted Notes both let you type comments/feedback during an in-person observation using your laptop while simultaneously recording the observation from within the Sibme app on your iOS or Android device.

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What is the difference?

The difference is the location in which you are recording the observation.

If the person is initiating the Synced recording from their Workspace, this feature is referred to as Synced Notes. If the recording is initiated from Workspace, your notes will automatically sync with the video player timeline after the video recording has successfully uploaded to your private workspace.

Unlike Scripted Notes, Synced Notes are initiated from within a specific Coaching Huddle. With synced observations, your comments will automatically sync with the video player timeline after the video recording has successfully uploaded to the Coaching Huddle of the coachee you were observing. The synched observation will be located in the Observations tab of the Coaching Huddle until published.

In either case, instead of having to transfer your notes or comments from your notepad or laptop to the video after the in-person observation, the software will automatically sync the time-stamped notes/comments you scripted during the observation on the video timeline. You are also able to edit your notes/comments, tags, and time-stamps after the scripted notes sync if you made any mistakes or want to add additional comments or tags.

When will the coachee be able to see the observation video and feedback?

If your recorded your in-person observation in the Coaching Huddle using Synced Notes, your video will upload to the Observations tab of the Coaching Huddle. There you can edit your comments and tags before selecting the green Publish Observation button.

Publishing the observation will move the video to the Videos tab of the Coaching Huddle for the coachee to view.

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