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What is an Assessment Huddle? | Sibme Help Center
What is an Assessment Huddle? | Sibme Help Center
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Sibme's Assessment Huddles were designed to assess performance-based skills through assessee-submitted video and resources.

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Assessment Huddles

When you create an Assessment Huddle, you are given the option to add additional assessors as well as assessees. Importantly, assessees can only view and interact with videos and resources they personally uploaded and will not be able to view videos submitted by other participants in the Huddle. 

 As the huddle creator, you can add an assessment description and details.


You can also add a Rubric/Framework with Performance Levels, and Custom Video Markers to add organization and context to your comments.  


As the huddle creator, you may also choose to provide sample videos and/or resources so that assessees can see models to assist them as they complete their work.


As the Huddle creator, you will also add a Submission Deadline after which assessees will not be able to upload new videos or resources. 

Until the Submission Deadline, assessees can add and delete the required number of videos and resources in the assessment huddle.  The assessees can choose to publish their assignments prior to the Submission Deadline, or can allow submitted assignments to be published automatically on the Submission Deadline.

When Assessor(s) in the Huddle are satisfied with the feedback/comments and tagged standards added along with Performance Levels, they can then choose to publish their feedback to participant(s) by selecting the green Publish Feedback button.

Once published, the assessed participant can review comments and a performance level for each individual standard on the Performance Level tab.

Each individual standard can be clicked to review the performance level given and the comments associated with it.

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