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How Do I Create a Collaboration Huddle? | Sibme Help Center
How Do I Create a Collaboration Huddle? | Sibme Help Center
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Collaboration Huddles are a great place for groups of people to share videos and resources. You can invite anyone in your account to join you in a Collaboration Huddle, and you can customize settings within the Huddle to allow each participant the appropriate amount of control to manage content within the Huddle.

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Based on the default user settings in the Sibme platform, you should have permission to complete the task of creating a Collaboration Huddle if you are one of the user levels listed below. If you do not see the screens in this article, you can ask your administrator if you have permission to create a Collaboration Huddle.

  • Admin

  • Super Admin

  • Account Owner

*In some accounts, Users have permission to create Collaboration Huddles.

Creating Collaboration Huddles

You can create all Huddles from the Huddle Dashboard in your Sibme account on the web. From here, click the green new Huddle button to create your Coaching Huddle.

1. Select 'Create' under New Collaboration Huddle from the options on the first screen. You may not see all of the options in the image below, depending upon your account settings. If you do not see the Collaboration Huddle option, ask your Account Owner for more information.

2. Name your Collaboration Huddle by typing a name into the text box.

3. Select Participants by typing their names or email addresses into the search bar.

To add a participant, click on their name. You will not see all of the users in your account at first, but begin typing a name into the search box to find each participant you would like to add to the Huddle. As you add members to the huddle, their names will populate below yours in the list.

4. Decide whether each participant should be an Owner, Member, or Viewer in your huddle.

The different types of Huddle Participants are described below:


  • Other than all permissions listed below for Owner -- the Creator is the only one who can update/edit and/or delete the Huddle

  • Sets permission for all Participants through the More Huddle Settings


  • Add and remove participants from a Huddle and change each participant’s role in the Huddle

  • Upload and download videos and resources in the Huddle

  • Delete all videos and resources in the Huddle

  • Comment on videos in the Huddle

  • Edit and delete all comments in the Huddle


  • View all videos and resources in the Huddle

  • Upload and download videos and resources in the Huddle

  • Comment on videos in the Huddle

  • Edit and delete comments they make in the Huddle


  • View all videos and resources in the Huddle

More Huddle Settings

  1. Click on More Huddle Settings to open the additional settings popup window.

  2. Type a description into the Huddle Description textbox to include an additional text below the title in the Huddle Dashboard. (optional)

    Other Settings

    • Turn on/off setting for the Custom Video Markers.

    • Turn on/off setting for Frameworks. If you enable Frameworks, you will need to select a Framework from the dropdown box below. You can also allow members to assign a Framework once Frameworks setting is enabled.

    • Choose whether you will allow members to download all Resources (Artifacts) in the Huddle or not.

    • Allow Participants to share a live video in the Huddle

    • Enable Calendar and Appointment Booking

    • Turn on/off setting for Auto-download on any Zoom recordings to the Huddle

    • Option to allow non-Huddle Members to be mentioned in a comment. Once enabled, you are given the option to allow participants to mention non-Huddle members in the a comment as well.

    • Suspend ALL notifications to minimize receiving email notifications.

    • Add a message that will appear in the email invitation that all Huddle Participants will receive once you’ve finished creating the huddle.

Click the green Save Button to confirm your Huddle settings

Click the Green Done Button to finish creating your Collaboration Huddle.

Creating a Collaboration Huddle provides a great opportunity to share videos and resources with your team. You can also set up discussions in your Collaboration Huddle to interact with your colleagues over time. Collaboration Huddles, and the videos/resources stored within, are only visible to the participants of each huddle.

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