When using the Sibme Android app, a user may experience problems during the recording process or afterward. This can result in the user not being able to see the video in the Sibme Android app. 

When this happens, the user can look for the video in question on their Android device directly, and move it to the gallery app. Once moved it can be upload into Sibme using the Sibme app or it can be transferred to their desktop computer for upload into Sibme, via the Sibme web app at https://app.sibme.com.

Video Recovery Steps

1- Open File Manager on your Android device.

2- Go to Phone or Internal StorageAndroid data com.sibme.mobileappfiles videos

3- Find and select the video file and move it to a folder of your preference.

A quick tip!: You can create a New Folder you can easily remember so you would know where to get the video from.

4- Using the Sibme Android app go to Workspace and click the green plus button. Select Upload from Gallery and choose the video you need to re-upload.

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