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How To Use CirQLive in Huddle Conferences | Sibme Help Center
How To Use CirQLive in Huddle Conferences | Sibme Help Center

Steps to invite someone to Zoom in a Sibme coaching and collaboration huddle.

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When you go into a Sibme Coaching or Collaboration Huddle as a Coach or Admin to schedule or hold a Zoom meeting, you should see the artifacts tab, the huddle tab, and the (new) conferences tab.

If you select the conferences tab, the conferences overview screen will appear with the Event Calendar open.The first time you come here, you will want to confirm your Zoom Account settings.

  1. Under Activity and Participants, you will see “logged in as______” and Account Settings

  2. Click on Account Settings 

  • Verify primary time zone

  • Confirm email subscription options

  • Optional: use the personal calendar link to sync your Sibme events calendar with the calendar of your choice

From the Event Calendar tab in conferences, there are two ways to schedule meetings:

One is to click the blue Schedule button.

When the Schedule New Event panel opens on the left:

  • Complete the details and times of this event.

  • Save this information. An email will be generated to the huddle participant. 

  • This EVENT will appear in the calendar to the right of the Schedule New Event panel. Meetings more than a week away will not be seen unless the calendar view is changed

The second way to schedule a meeting is relevant if you are essentially ready to start a meeting that you have not already scheduled. To do that, select the blue Quick Launch button.

  • When you select “Quick Launch,” you will be taken to a screen where you can select the length of the meeting. After you select the length of the conference, the meeting will launch.

  •  If the invited person is in the same Huddle, they will see a Join button. Selecting that button will allow them to join the meeting.

Options for Events that have been scheduled:

  •  In the “Event Calendar” tab, you will see an “Upcoming Events” panel on the left. Each event will have either a Prepare or Host button.The “Prepare Button” allows the host to enter the meeting room prior to the scheduled time of the event. Once the meeting time arrives, the button changes to Host.

  • If you need to make adjustments after you have scheduled a future meeting, you can click on the title of the meeting which appears as a blue link near the center of the screen under the word “Events” You will see a “Prepare” button. There are 3 icons that give you the ability to do things like delete the invite, edit the invite or add a guest to the meeting via email or link. Additionally, if you click on “More Details” you will have the option to copy and paste the details of this event.

When it is time to start the meeting, you can either choose the blue Host button in the left panel or you can click on the link to the event to access the Host button to start the meeting.You can also, of course, do the “Quick Launch” if you did not schedule the meeting ahead of time.

How does the Invited person join the meeting?

  1. If a meeting was scheduled ahead by the host, the person invited will receive an email with a link that will require them to download Zoom (the first time). They will follow prompts to join the meeting.

  2. If the person being invited knows the huddle name and the time of the conference, they can go to the Huddle > Conference Tab and click the JOIN button. This is probably the easiest way to join. 


  • You can link the calendars—but it is an extra step. Go to Account settings in the Huddle and follow these steps:

  • Then, in Google Calendar, go to the Other Calendars section on the left side of the screen and follow these steps.

Supported calendar applications include Apple iPad / iPhone Calendar, Evolution, Google Calendar, One Calendar for Windows 10 (Account type: WebCal), Mozilla Thunderbird (with Lightning), Outlook for Windows (Home -> Add Calendar -> From Internet),, Zoho Calendar, and any other application which has subscription support for iCalendar / ICS / WebCal. Please note several applications claim to have support, but they do not actually work, such as AOL Calendar, KOrganizer and Yahoo! Mail.

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