During the edTPA registration process, please make sure you complete the following steps:

o Create an Account

o Enter the last 5 digits of SSN.

o Select the assessment, choose "national" version.

o Select San Diego State University when asked which program and then click Add: This ensures SDSU gets your scores to process your credential.

o When asked if edTPA is a program requirement, state license requirement, or both, select BOTH: This way your scores are sent to both SDSU and CCTC.

o If you are planning to teach in another state (e.g., NY, Washington, Georgia, Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa), you can select to have your scores sent to that state if it's listed as a state that currently requires edTPA for credentialing

o At the end of the registration process make sure to indicate Sibme as your portfolio platform system.

o When you get to the point of submitting the edTPA, be sure to identify that you are transferring your portfolio from Sibme to Pearson (and not loading directly into Pearson site).

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