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What is the Sibme Learning Center? | Sibme Help Center
What is the Sibme Learning Center? | Sibme Help Center
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What is the Sibme Learning Center?

Here at Sibme, it is our mission to change the way people learn at work and to make every moment a teachable moment. Since the inception of Sibme, our success has been based on two important values:

● First, build software/technology that is accessible and easy-to-use

● Next, show people how/why to use it

In fact, Sibme is so focused on showing people the “how & why” that in 2019 we

launched a Learning Center!

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Steps to accomplish the task:

Sibme’s Learning Center is accessible from the home page and is a value-added

service launched initially to provide guidance to organization, district, and building leaders who accepted the challenge of using video to enhance professional learning. In the year since it was launched, thousands of educational leaders have enrolled in and taken one or more of the on-demand courses and/or on-demand webinars offered and downloaded one or more of the hundred of free resources we have to support professional learning.

From our downloadable guides templates and resources, like the Notes and Take-aways from our weekly web-show and podcast, The Coach Replay Show; our monthly on-demand webinars and related content; to the robust on-demand courses released every 6 to 9 weeks–including our Teacher Learning Series Courses, we have something in the Learning Center for everyone at any stage of professional learning.

While we have exclusive content specifically made for our Sibme subscribers, our content is free to anyone.

If you’re a Sibme subscriber, you can access exclusive content by clicking on the Sibme Learning Center button located on the Home Screen in the Webapp once logged in:

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