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Customize Available AI Reports in Account Settings
Customize Available AI Reports in Account Settings
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If AI is turned on in your Account then, by default, all available AI Reports are available in your Sibme Account. If you do not wish for certain reports to run on Artifacts in your Sibme Account, you can remove them from your Account in Account Settings.

Who is this article for?

The Account Owner and all Super Admins can decide which AI Reports are run across the entire Account. This is an Account-wide setting. Changes made in Account Settings will affect all future runs of AI Reports on video and audio files in the Account. If a Super Admin or Account Owner deselects an AI Report from the list in Account Settings, no user in the Account will be able to see the deselected report.

NOTE: AI Reports previously run in your Account will not retroactively change based on the changes made in Account Settings. Only AI Reports run after the changes are made in Account Settings will reflect the changes. Any reports deselected from the Account Settings list will still be visible on video or audio files with existing AI Reports run before the change was made.

Steps to complete this task

The changes to the AI Reports run in an Account can be made in the Account Settings > AI section.

  1. Click on your name at the top right corner of the screen and select Account Settings.

  2. Click the AI tile on the Account Settings Screen

  3. This will display a list of all available AI Reports. To make a report unavailable in your Account, uncheck the checkbox next to the report title.

  4. Click save at the bottom of the screen.

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