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December 11, 2023 Release
December 11, 2023 Release

Goals Archiving and ability to export Action Item data update was released on Dec. 11, 2023.

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Release Details for Dec. 11, 2023

Here are the important features released in Sibme's Dec. 11, 2023 release.

Web Platform

  • Goals

    • Archiving

      • An Account Owner or Super Admin can now archive other Users' Goals. This gives managers who have a lot of old Goals on their Goals Landing Page the ability to clean-up and archive those old Goals. This now works for Many-Individual Goals.

      • If an Account Owner or Super Admin archives a User's Goal, that User can now unarchive the Goal just for themselves. This gives the User the ability to move the Goal back to the Active tab so they are look at the details of the Goal.

      • Notifications for all of these activities are now sent so Users know when a Goal is archived for them or if a Goal they have archived is unarchived.

    • Ability to Export All Action Items

      • In Goals, the ability to export the Goal data has been available since Goals v1.0. Now, the data for ALL Action Item data in ALL the Goals showing will be able to be exported in 1 file (PDF, Excel, CSV). The GUID will be exported with the each Action Item so that the data can be tied the Goal data. In the dropdown now below the Goal export functionality will be the ability to export the Action Item data. Please see this Screenshot:

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