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Can I Add Resources to My Workspace? | Sibme Help Center
Can I Add Resources to My Workspace? | Sibme Help Center
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Who is this article for?

Based on the default user settings in the Sibme platform, you should have permission to complete this task if you are one of the user levels listed below. If you do not see the screens in this article, you can ask your administrator if you have permission.

  • Users

  • Admin

  • Super Admin

  • Account Owner

Why upload resources to Workspace?

Having access to frequently used resources in Workspace helps to make work-related tasks more efficient. Loading a school calendar as a resource, for example, makes it easy to quickly check for relevant dates without leaving the app. Additionally adding resources you’d frequently share to Huddles makes sharing more efficient. For example, quickly share a PDF outlining what to expect from your coaching cycles to all new coaching huddles at once. 

Adding Resources to Workspace

Collectively videos and resources are referred to as ARTIFACTS in the Sibme Platform.

To add a resource to the Workspace, click the Green Plus button and choose 'Upload Resource' from the options.

Note: You can also start scripted notes, start synced notes, or record a video using your device’s webcam, with the green + button.

When selecting ‘Upload Video’ or ‘Upload Resource’, you have the option of uploading locally or from your personal Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Box accounts. 

To help with better recognition, all uploaded resources will have a preview image or thumbnail. They can also be renamed, downloaded, deleted, or moved to a specific folder within your Workspace. To know more about creating and organizing folders in your Workspace, click here.

All are the same with video artifacts except that you can crop them or create a duplicate.

To access these options, simply click the ●●● (three-dot icon) on the artifact thumbnail in Grid View or in the artifact’s row in List View to access the More Menu.

Grid view:


List View:

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