Recording resolutions determines 2 things - how much space your video takes up on your device and how long it will take the video to upload to the cloud.

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Sometimes it becomes necessary to change the recording resolution because of space issues on the phone or slow bandwidth. Here is how to change the recording resolution:

1. To change the recording resolution, tap "Menu" on the upper left hand corner of the app for Android and lower right hand corner for iOS.

2. Tap “Video Settings” for Android or “Video and Network Settings” for iOS.

3. In your Video Settings, tap “Video resolution” for Android or “Video Quality” for iOS.

4. The default resolution is set to Web-optimized HD (high definition). Video is recorded in HD and is of better quality. This also creates a larger file size, which takes up more space on the device and takes longer to upload.

Web-optimized SD (standard definition) is recorded in standard quality. This setting ensures faster upload to the Sibme Cloud.

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