You can add website links (URLs) to Huddles and Workspace as artifacts. These web links allow you to curate resources that might be available on other web services, like Google Docs, Surveys, and LMS courses. 

URL links are subject to the same permissions as other artifacts in Sibme spaces. URLs uploaded to your Workspace will only be accessible by you. If you share a URL into a Huddle, only members of that Huddle will be able to access the web link from Sibme. 

Adding a URL

From your Workspace or a Huddle, click on the Green Plus button and select "Add URL."

This will open a popup where you're able to create a Title for your URL and enter the actual website link. 

The Title can be anything and will simply help you identify what each URL will link to.

To enter the URL, simply type in any active website address (such as or copy and paste the link from your web-browser. 

Accessing Web Pages from Sibme

All website URLs will be accessible from the web and mobile version of Sibme. Simply click on the URL icon or title to open it.

URLs and Analytics

URLs will be treated as any other resource shared to Workspace and Huddles, and will count towards Resources uploaded and viewed in Workspace and Huddles in Analytics for each user. 

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