There are times that you may want to give more information to an Assessee in an Assessment Huddle. Custom Fields can be used to create data fields in an Assessment Huddle to give an Assessee a grade or more information than is presently unavailable. Account Owners and Super Admins can quickly create Assessment Custom Fields to extend the functionality of Sibme.

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Based on the default user settings in the Sibme platform, you should have permission to complete this task if you are one of the user levels listed below. If you do not see the screens in this article, you can ask your Sibme account administrator if you have permission.

  • Super Admin

  • Account Owner

Steps to accomplish the task:

An Account Owner or Super Admin can create up to 10 Assessment Custom Fields to hold data for every Assessee in an Assessment Huddle. To begin creating Custom Fields, click on your name in the top right corner and choose Account Settings. From the Account Settings page, click on the Custom Fields tile.

On the Custom Fields creation page, you will notice 2 tabs, 1 for User Summary and 1 for Assessment. Make sure you are on the Assessment tab to create Assessment Custom Fields.

To begin creating Custom Fields, click the Add button on the far right of the screen. Remember, only 10 Assessment Custom Fields can be created. There is a tracker at the top that will show you how many Custom Fields have been created.

Once you have clicked on the Add button, then give the Custom Field a Name and a Type. The Name of the Custom Field is what Assessor/Assessee will see when looking at the Custom Fields. The Type dictates what data can go in the field. The Type options are Text, Percentage, Number, and Yes/No. If you have child accounts and would like this Custom Field to be seen in the Child Accounts, then click on the “Share with child accounts” option.

You can also add another Custom Field by clicking the green Add button or delete a custom Field by clicking the red Delete button. Please be aware that if you delete a Custom Field, then you also delete all the data in all the Assessment Huddles where that Custom Field was used.. Once you are done, don’t forget to click the Save button in the bottom right corner.

Once you have saved your Custom Fields, then Assessors can now use these fields when creating an Assessment Huddle The Custom Fields will also now be available to be used in Reporting and Analytics.

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