Using your mobile app, you can add Evidence, write a Reflection, and complete Action Items by following these steps.

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Steps to accomplish the task:

To access the list of Action Items for a Goal, click on the “Goals” button and tap on the desired Goal (for more detailed instructions, see Mobile Goal Overview).

Once you have opened the Goal, select the Action Item that you wish to work on.

In order to mark an Action Item as “Done,” you must first add Evidence or a Reflection. If you try to mark the Action Item as “Done” without having first added Evidence or provided a Reflection, the following notification will pop up, and the Action Item will revert to being marked as “Incomplete.”

To add a Reflection, type in the Reflection text box and tap “Save.”

To add Evidence, tap the green “Add Evidence” button, and select the desired type of Evidence. You can upload multiple Videos, Resources, Huddles, and Notes at one time. However, you can only upload one Framework at a time.

If you want to upload a Video, you can either upload it from your Workspace or from your device. If you choose to upload it from your device, the video will also be uploaded to your Workspace.

If you choose to upload a Resource, you can select one from a variety of locations.

If you choose to upload a Huddle, you can select the desired Huddles.

If you choose to upload a Framework, select the desired Framework.

Lastly, if you choose to upload notes, you can select notes from your Workspace or a Huddle to be added to the Action Item as Evidence.

Once your Evidence has been uploaded, a preview will appear. You can then repeat these steps to add more evidence to your Action Item.

When you are satisfied with and have updated your Action item with Reflection, Measurement Value, and Evidence, you can go ahead and fully complete your Action Item by clicking on the toggle button.

Marking an Action Item complete also notifies your Reviewer/s that your Action Item is ready to be reviewed and possibly given Feedback.

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