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Events Overview | Sibme Help Center
Events Overview | Sibme Help Center

Create events for Huddle Participants and allow Coachees/Assessees to book appointments with their Coach/Assessor with Sibme Events.

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Sibme Events allows Users to create appointments for Huddle Participants as well as allow Coachees/Assessees to book appointments with their Coach/Assessor. A User can also connect their Sibme calendar with their Google or Outlook calendar so that events flow both ways and both calendars are kept up-to-date. Connecting calendars is especially important for Coaches/Assessors who want Coachees/Assessees to book appointments that do not conflict with any other events.

Who is this article for?

Based on the default user settings in the Sibme platform, you should have permission to complete this task if you are one of the user levels listed below. If you do not see the screens in this article, you can ask your Sibme account administrator if you have permission.

  • Users

  • Admin

  • Super Admin

  • Account Owner

Steps to accomplish the task:

Enabling Events for the Account

Account Owners and Super Admins can enable Events in their Account by going to Account Settings > General Settings and turning the “Enable Events in this Account” setting on.

Once Events is turned on, the AO/SA can decide how User’s connected calendar behaves:

  • Individuals Control Connected Calendar Visibility - allows users to decide whether events from their connected calendars can be seen by other users in the Account.

  • Force Connected Calendar on for All Users will make all user’s connected calendar events able to be seen by other users in the Account.

  • Force Connected Calendar off for All Users will make all user’s connected calendar events private and other users in the Account will not be able to see other users’ events.

By default, Individuals Control Connected Calendar Visibility is selected and will allow Users to decide how their calendars are seen.

Please Note: For Sibme Events to work with Zoom, including allowing Users to join Zoom from the Event Details and Zoom recordings downloading directly to a Huddle, set up Zoom in Account Settings > Integrations. Please see the Integrations Overview Help Article for more information on what is needed to set Zoom up to work with Sibme.

Users Connecting Their Google or Microsoft Calendars

Once Events are turned on in an Account, Users will be able to connect their Google or Outlook calendars via the Events tab on the User Settings page. Just click the green “Connect Calendar” button and follow the instructions. Please be sure to give either Google or Microsoft permission to make changes to your calendar.

If a User tries to visit their Sibme calendar and they do not have their Google or Microsoft calendar connected, then they will be asked to connect their calendar.

If they do not want to connect their calendar at this time, then they can click cancel. If they don’t want to be asked to connect their calendar again, then they can check the “Don’t show this again” selection and hit cancel.

The Sibme Calendar

There are 3 ways a User can get to their Sibme calendar once they have logged in:

  1. The calendar icon at the top right of the page -

  2. The “Upcoming Events” button from the Events tab on the User’s Landing Page -

  3. The “Events” tab in a Huddle -

Clicking on any of these three will take the User to their Sibme calendar.

Please Note: Clicking on the “Events” tab in a Huddle will highlight the events created for the chosen Huddle while the first 2 options above will highlight events created outside a Huddle.

The Sibme calendar is broken into 3 areas:

  1. The calendar where all the events show

  2. The navigation bar above the main calendar which includes the following ability:

    • Move through the calendar using the ‘<’ and ‘>’ buttons.

    • Return to today’s date using the “Today” button.

    • Search the calendar.

    • Change the view between day/week/month.

    • Edit the User’s Events Settings via the gear icon.

    • Create either an event or book an appointment. (booking is only available in the Huddle Events tab)

  3. The navigation area above the left area of the calendar which includes the ability to:

    • Choose to see the calendar, User’s connected calendar,

      or view the event recordings in a Huddle.

    • Pick a date.

    • See “Upcoming Events” or “Upcoming Huddle Events” depending on whether you are looking at the calendar inside a Huddle or not. You can also join an event’s Zoom call from an upcoming event here.

Clicking on an event will show the Event Details for that event. Your role in the Huddle or Account will govern what you can do from the Events Details.

Events and Huddles

Even though Events might be on in an Account, a Huddle Creator can enable or disable Events via the Huddle’s More Huddle Settings. By default, Events are Enabled in all Huddles. If Events is enabled for a Huddle, a Huddle Owner can also turn on 2 additional settings:

  1. Appointment Booking - allow Coachees/Assessees to book appointments with their Coach/Assessor. For more information on Booking Appointments, click here.

  2. Non-Huddle Participants can be invited to Events - allow users in an Account that are not part of the Huddle to be invited to an Event. This WILL NOT add them as Members of a Huddle but will allow them to join the web conferencing event and receive an invitation to the event (whether In Person or via web conference).

Please Note: Huddle Creator/Owners can create events while Huddle Members can book appointments. Huddle Members CANNOT create events.

Sibme Events is a great way to create synchronous meetings and have recordings of those meetings added straight to the Huddle so that the conversation can continue asynchronously. Sibme Events is also a great way to allow Coachees/Assessessee to book appointments with their Coach/Assessor from within the platform they are all working in.

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