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December 29, 2023 Release
December 29, 2023 Release

Events Upgrade, Bulk Upload Update, Movement and Wait-Time charts, real-time response by Sibme AI Coach were released on Dec. 29, 2023.

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Release Details for Dec. 28, 2023

Here are the important features released in Sibme's Dec. 28, 2023 release.

Web Platform

  • Events

    • A major back-end overhaul was released that makes Sibme Events more powerful, effective, and efficient. Now Google and Outlook events are more seamlessly shared with your Sibme calendar and Sibme events work more efficiently in Google and Outlook.

  • Bulk Upload Update

    • Custom Fields are a powerful but unknown part of the Sibme platform (you can find out more about Custom Fields in Custom Fields Overview Help Article) and will become even more important with the release of Goals and Forms Reports. Now during the Bulk Upload process when adding new Users an Account Owner or Super Admin can include Custom Field data that will be imported into each Users Account. And for a Parent/Child Account situation, Users can be added into Children Accounts from the Parent Account.

    • Account information now shows on the People page for a regular Account. Quickly see how many licenses or storage is being used in the Account. This is the same information that can be found on the Account Settings page.

    • For a Parent/Child Account situation, the same Account information can not be found on a new "Accounts" tab on the People page. In addition to the number of licenses and the amount of storage the Account is using, the data is broken down by Parent and Child Accounts as well. In addition, we provide Account IDs for both the Parent and Children Accounts for importing purposes.

  • AI

    • Two new AI Reports charts were introduced: Teacher Movement and Wait Time. The Teacher Movement chart answers the question did the teacher move around the room during the Video. We use the teacher Biometrics (please see the Biometrics Help Article for more information) to track the head of the teacher in the Video and we map it over a 3x3 grid to show where they went. The Wait Time chart measure the silence after a teacher has asked a question and after a student's response.

  • Real-Time Response for Sibme AI Coach in Chat

    • Now when a User asks Sibme AI Coach a question in Chat the Sibme AI Coach responds quickly showing their response as it is built. You can try it out by going to Chat and then choosing "Sibme AI Coach" from the left hand list. Then just type in a question in the entry bar below and wait for the Sibme AI Coach to respond. Please see this Video to see how it works:

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