Sibme has a Rubric and Framework authoring tool that allows Account Owners the option to create and publish custom Frameworks in Sibme’s Huddles. Once they have been created, you have the option to publish them so they can be utilized in the account.

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Based on the default user settings in the Sibme platform, you should have permission to complete this task if you are one of the user levels listed below. If you do not see the screens in this article, you can ask your administrator if you have permission.

  • Super Admin

  • Account Owner

Steps to accomplish the task:

In order to author Frameworks, this premium feature must be enabled in your account. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in upgrading your plan to author and enable custom Frameworks in your account. For more information on authoring Rubrics and Frameworks, please see the “How Do I Author Rubrics & Frameworks?” Help Article.

Account Owners are the only users who have permission to author Frameworks and publish them in your account. Once Frameworks have been created, click the 3 horizontal dots (More) button on the row of the framework you would like to Publish for your account. There are currently no limits to how many Frameworks you can publish in an account.

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