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October 24, 2023 Release
October 24, 2023 Release
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Release Details for Oct. 24, 2023

Here are the important features released in Sibme's Oct. 24, 2023 release.

Web Platform

  • AI Reports

    • Control Which AI Reports Are Run: AO/SAs can now control which AI Reports can be run in an Account. Now in Account Settings there is an AI tile where an AI Report can be unchecked/checked. Unchecking an AI Report here means that it will not be run in any future AI Reports runs. For more information on turning specific AI Reports on or off, please visit the "Customize Available AI Reports in Account Settings" Help Article.

    • Improved "Customize AI Reports": The "Customize AI Reports" interface and process was improved to make it more User friendly and easier to use. For more information on Customizing AI Reports, please visit the "Customize AI Reports" Help Article.

  • Library

    • Frameworks Available to Artifacts in the Library: Now Artifacts, both Videos and Resources, can have Frameworks added to them as well as have the Frameworks tagged. Use of Frameworks in the Library will work just the same way it does elsewhere in Sibme.

  • Transcription

    • User Identified in the Transcript: If a User has completed their Biometrics training and they post a Video or Audio file to Sibme, then their Transcription entries will have their Avatar and name next to when they spoke in the Artifact.

    • Ability to Edit the Transcript: A User will be able to edit the Transcription of a Video/Audio file. The original transcript will be kept and an edited version will be created. A User will be able to switch back and forth between the original and edited version of the Transcription. Only the original version of the transcript will be used in AI Reports. For more information on Transcription and specifically editing the transcript, please visit the "Transcribing Videos" Help Article.

    • Transcription Text Now Copiable: Text in the Transcription tab can now be highlighted and copied for us in other programs/platforms.

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