Account Owners can use Goal Settings to enable and disable parts of Goals and Action Items, change privileges for all users and admins in the account, and rename some components of Goals. Many of the elements of Goal Settings are self-explanatory, but this article will show you how to access Goal Settings and explain some of the decisions you can make.

Who is this article for?

Based on the default user settings in the Sibme platform, you should have permission to complete this task if you are one of the user levels listed below. If you do not see the screens in this article, you can ask your administrator if you have permission.

  • Account Owner

Steps to accomplish the task:

To access Goal Settings, navigate to your Account Settings by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of the screen and selecting “Account Settings”.

Or click on the three dots above your face on the Home Screen and select Account Settings.

From here, click on Goal Settings

The Goal Settings section has three tabs. Screenshots in this article show the default settings for each tab.

General Settings

Note: To learn more about “Make all goals viewable publicly…” checkbox, click on this article:

How To Make Every Goal Public? | Sibme Help Center


NOTE: To learn more about privileges for Goals, click on this article:

Privileges Setting for Goals | Sibme Help Center


From this tab, you can choose to change the following words throughout your Sibme account. When you choose to change these words, the text you type in the text-box will replace each word throughout the Goals Module of your Sibme Account.

  • Goal

  • Action Item

  • Evidence

  • Measurement

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