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How To Make Every Goal Public? | Sibme Help Center
How To Make Every Goal Public? | Sibme Help Center
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Depending on your User-Role in your Sibme Account and your permission in each Goal, you will only be able to see certain parts of other people’s goals in your Sibme account. However, Account Owners can enable account-wide permissions to make all or part of Goal progress visible to every User in the account.

Who is this article for?

Based on the default user settings in the Sibme platform, you should have permission to complete this task if you are one of the user levels listed below. If you do not see the screens in this article, you can ask your administrator if you have permission.

  • Users

  • Admin

  • Super Admin

  • Account Owner (only Account Owners can make changes to Goal permissions)

Steps to accomplish the task:

Navigate to your Account Settings and then select Goal Settings from the menu

From here, you’ll have some choices as to how much of each Goal will be public in your account.

Option 1: All Users have All Access

The first options will display on the main screen of Goal Settings.

To make all goals and related action items viewable to every user in your account, check the box that reads “Make all goals viewable publicly for all people in the account.”

By default this will check all of the goal-types in your account. However, you can customize which types of goals are public by checking and unchecking the three checkboxes below the main checkbox.

  • Include group goals: this will make all group goals viewable to every user in the account

  • Include individual goals: this will make every individual goal and related action items viewable to all users in the account.

  • Include account goals: this will make other users’ evidence added to action items viewable to every user in the account.

Remember that granting this access option will mean that every user in the account will be able to see one another’s Goals, goal progress, individual action items, action item measurements, reflections, and evidence.

Option 2: Grant permission to Users and Admins to view Goals and Goal Progress only.

If you would like to grant permission for your Admins and Users to view every Goal in the account and also see Goal Status for each goal, but you do not want all users to see related Action Items, measurement, reflections, and evidence, you can do this by clicking on the Privileges tab in Goal Settings.

The circled checkboxes in the image above are unchecked by default. You can check these checkboxes to grant this permission to all Admins (on the left) and Users (on the right) in the account.

Checking this checkbox will grant Admins and/or Users permission to view all Goals in the account. They will also see the Goal “status” bar for each goal. However, unless they are a Collaborator with View, Evidence, or Review permissions, they will not be able to click on the Goal to see Action Items and any related data to each action item for a goal.

Option 2 is the default for all Super Admins and Account Owners in an account. This option can also be enabled for individual Users or Admins by clicking on “Access” next to their Avatar in the People tab.

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot enable both Option 1 and Option 2 in an account. If you choose Option 1 for your account, you will not need to proceed on to Option 2. Also, if you choose Option 2 but then later choose to enable Option 1, Option 1 will override Option 2 in your account.

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