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Forms Overview & Definitions
Forms Overview & Definitions
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You can use Sibme Huddles and Goals to collect data through native forms built in your Sibme account. These forms can be customized to collect a variety of forms of data, including typical form fields, frameworks in your account, and even by attaching artifacts from elsewhere in Sibme. Use Forms for a structured way to organize information in your professional learning processes.

Top topics for forms:

Key Terms for Forms:

Form Builder - an Account Setting that allows you to piece together different questions and response types into a form that other people in your account can use and assign.

Form Template: This is what is built in the Form Builder and is turned into a Form once it is assigned to a User to fill out.

Form Creator: This is the User who has the appropriate permissions to build a Form Template.

Form: A Form that has been given to a Form Assignee. The Form does not have to be submitted for there to be an instance of the Form. Basically, this is where a copy of the Form Template is made into a Form and assigned to a Form Assignee.

Form Submission: A Form that has been filled out and submitted.

Depending on Form Settings, a User may be able to save a Form in progress or may have to submit it.

All Forms will need to be submitted for it to be seen by the Form Assigner and those with rights to see Form Submissions.

Form Assigner: This is the User who can assign a Form Template. The Form Template could be used as an Artifact in a Huddle or in an Action Item.

Form Assignee: This is the User who can view the Form the Form Assigner has made available and will be able to fill it out. A User can be both a Form Assigner AND a Form Assignee if they both assign the Form AND fill out and submit the Form.

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