From this resource you will be able to know how the video library is activated and how to add videos to the video library.

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The Video Library

The account Video Library is a place to upload, organize, and store videos that can be viewed by all users in the account. Videos can be tagged, organized by subject and topic.

The Video Library is a great place to showcase best practices to all users in your network. The Account Owner has the option to enable or disable the Account Video Library from their Account Settings.

Activating the Video Library

Account owners must make sure that the video library feature is activated from your settings. Only Account owners have access to enable the video library for their account.

Always make sure that you save your updated account settings by clicking on the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the Account Settings page.

Uploading Videos to the Video Library

By default, only Account Owners and Super Admins have access to upload videos to the Video Library.

There are two ways to upload or share a video to your library. You can upload a video from Sibme's web version or your personal cloud storage. You can also copy a video from your Workspace and Huddles to the library.

Option 1:Upload a video from your computer or personal cloud storage by accessing the Video Library and selecting "Upload video to Library."

You will see the option to either upload a video from your computer/device or from your cloud storage subscriptions - Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box.

Once a video has been chosen from your computer and uploaded:

  1. Name the Video
  2. Add a Description
  3. Add any Tags you’d like to add to your video. Your Video Library is searchable by these tags.
  4. Choose a Subject for your video
  5. Choose a Topic for your Video
  6. Once you are done, click the Add to Library button to save your upload to the library.

Option 2: Copy a video from your Workspace or Huddles

To copy a video from your Huddles:

  1. Located the desired video in your Workspace or a Huddle
  2. Click copy
  3. From the Copy Video(s) screen choose Video Library.

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