The Video Library

The account Video Library is a place to upload, organize, and store videos that can be viewed by all users in the account. Videos can be tagged, organized by customizable categories.

The Video Library is a great place to showcase best practices to all users in your network. The Account Owner has the option to enable or disable the Account Video Library from their Account Settings.

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Based on the default user settings in the Sibme platform, you should have permission to complete this task if you are one of the user levels listed below. If you do not see the screens in this article, you can ask your administrator if you have permission.

● Viewers by default, Viewers have View Only access to the Video Library

● Users (by default, Users have View Only access to the Video Library)

● Admin (by default, Admins have View Only access to the Video Library)

● Super Admin

● Account Owner

To learn more about Video Library permissions, click here.

Activating the Video Library

Account owners must make sure that the video library feature is activated from your settings. Only Account owners have access to enable the video library for their account.

Always make sure that you save your updated account settings by clicking on the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the Account Settings page.

Uploading Videos to the Video Library

By default, only Account Owners and Super Admins have access to upload videos to the Video Library.

There are two ways to upload videos and resources to your Video Library.

Option 1: Uploading the video directly from the main Video Library page.

When you click the green “Upload Video” button in the main Video Library page, you will see a popup window that asks you to name, describe, and categorize the video you will upload. Simply create a Title for your video, add a description (optional), and check the Categories and Subcategories you wish to tag the video with and click Next to finish uploading your video with the tagged Categories and Subcategories.

You will then be directed to a second popup where you will select the file you wish to upload. This process is identical to any other video or file upload to Sibme.

Option 2: Tagging Videos when sharing from Workspace or Huddles to the Video Library

When you click the “Share” icon on a video in your Workspace or Huddles, and choose to share the video to the Video Library, you will see existing Categories and Subcategories listed on the popup that appears. Simply check the Categories and Subcategories you wish to tag the video with and click Share.

Your video will share with the existing Title and the Categories/Subcategories you select. If you wish to edit the description, you can do so by clicking on the three dots below the thumbnail of the video you shared in the main Video Library page and then clicking “Description.” You can also edit the Title of the video by clicking “Rename” and edit Categories/Subcategories from the same menu.

Categories and Subcategories

Categories and Subcategories allow you to easily curate videos in your Video Library however you like. You can create as many Categories as you’d like for your Video Library, and then select Subcategories under each Category. When there are no Subcategories associated with an individual Category, you will be able to assign each video to a Category created in your account. When Subcategories are associated with a particular Category in your Video Library, subcategories will be the actual “tags” you assign to each video in your library.


Comments and Attachments

When enabled, videos in the Video Library can be enhanced with time-stamped, time-range, and all video comments, just like any other video in Workspace and Huddles. Additionally, files can be attached to Video Library videos exactly the same way as other videos in the Sibme platform.

All comments and attachments associated with Video Library Videos can be seen by anyone who can view the Video Library.

By default, only Account Owners and Super Admins have permission to to make comments on Video Library videos. These permissions can be customized for users in Account Settings or the People Page.

Video Transcriptions

You can view and export transcripts of the videos you upload to the Sibme Video Library. Transcripts are generated automatically and can be viewed by anyone with access to your Video Library.


Cinema Mode

Cinema Mode allows you to view videos in the Video Library at the full width of your screen, giving you a larger viewing experience for these videos. Depending on the resolution of your video and the width of your screen, videos played in Cinema Mode will vary in actual width and height.


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